Other Products  

Other Products

We carry a wide range of other industrial ventilation-related products to meet the needs of any project.


We offer a wide range of ductwork parts and supplies including galvanized or stainless steel ducting, clamps, connectors, hangers, adapters and other special parts.

Dust Collectors

From Bag Houses to Cartridge Collectors to Cyclones, we can provide efficient air cleaning for large or small systems, both wet and dry applications.


Available in a variety of efficiencies, shapes, styles, and materials, from Paper Media to Washable Stainless Steel, we can cover all of your air filtration needs.

Noise Control

We provide a wide array of products to counter industrial noise and vibration, including Silencers, Vibration Isolation, In-Plant Enclosures, Curtain Systems, Blanket Insulation, Acoustic Cladding, and more.